African Curried Coconut Soup with Chickpeas

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  • This soup is amazing. I did double the garlic plus more and a lot more curry!!!! At least 3+ teaspoons, it depends on taste. I also used a scotch bonnet pepper and used the seeds. I’ve made this at least 4 times! Love it!

  • This turned out to be really enjoyable. I added sweet potato and luckily put in just the right amount of hot chile, but had to omit the bell pepper. I poured the stew onto a big mound of brown rice. I finished preparation with a squeeze of lime in addition to cilantro.

  • A decent, quick soup, but nothing special.

  • I have made so many amazing recipes from Epicurious based on these ratings, that when my dish comes out so disappointing, I can only assume I did something wrong. I’ve reviewed my measurements and haven’t found the cause, but my soup was very, very bland. Luckily, I know all the tricks to doctor up a dish, but was surprised by just how much was needed.
    I added more curry and salt. Let it cook, then added more spices, acidity and anything to build flavor. For my own tastes, I wish I had used regular coconut milk instead of light. The soup needed some extra richness.

  • My 2nd review- Still loving this recipe and making great additions. So delicious and filling! Perfection again!
    As recommended in reviews:Doubled the curry and garlic and sweated all veggies first except the garlic.
    My additions:
    1 cup fresh or frozen corn
    1 cup fresh carrots diced (I use baby carrots) use frozen if necessary
    Two pack of Splenda (makes it spicy and slightly sweet)
    Califlower Rice – 1 bag steamed (or to taste) then I pan fry in canola oil spray to brown like fried rice so it’s not soggy.

  • The soup would have been very bland if I hadn’t followed the recommendations of so many commenters to increase the quantity of spice. I used four cloves of garlic and eventually ended up using 5tsp of curry. I threw in a frozen crushed ginger cube and some red pepper flakes for extra heat. I only had regular canned coconut milk (not light) so my soup may have been richer than intended. My family enjoyed this so I will put into rotation as a good vegetarian meal option.

  • An old favorite, this time with serrano instead of jalapeño, quinoa for rice, 1 1/2 t curry powder, home-cooked garbanzos, including their liquid as part of the broth. Cilantro when served, not cooked. A squeeze of lime juice at table. Good as ever.

  • Loved this dish! I followed a couple of tips from reviews and added my own twist. As recommended doubled the curry, garlic and sweated veggies first (only onions and carrots). My additions were frozen corn, carrots and two pack of Splenda to make it spicy and slightly sweet. Perfection!

  • This soup is tasty and quick.

  • Love this recipe. So easy, feeds a crowd, and a one-pot meal you can bring right to the table if it’s a nice-looking pot 😉
    Though I swore I’d never be that guy who lists all the changes I made to it, this is on my regular rotation of meals and worth noting that:
    – I add a TON more curry, salt and pepper. I don’t even know how you’d taste anything in this dish if you make it as-written.
    – You can add (lots) more veggies. I usually add in a package of firm tofu cut up into cubes, as well as chopped mushrooms, zucchini, and a handful of spinach at the end. You can put in a splash more broth and/or coconut milk, but it’s not even necessary.

  • I took the advice of others – 2.5x the curry, 2x garlic, sweated veggies with 1t cumin and the curry. Added some red pepper flakes, only used half the coconut milk, added more rice after tasting. I liked it. Hubby was lukewarm mostly bc of the brand of coconut milk I used.

  • What everyone says is true–this is a super easy and quick dish to make that tastes great. My friend, whose favorite dishes include meat, loved this meal. We both agreed it was a keeper!

  • This was delicious! One of the best things I’ve ever made. I did make some changes (mostly adding more to it):

    – First, I sweated the veggies (carrot, red bell pepper, jalapeno, onion, and garlic) with 2 teaspoons of cumin, 1 teaspoon of curry powder, and olive oil.
    – Then I took the veggies off the heat and put them aside and used the same pan to cook the chickpeas for about 5 min with some olive oil.
    – Then I put the chickpeas, 1 can (15oz) of crushed tomatoes and 3/4 of a can of full fat coconut milk into a large pot with 3 cups of chicken broth (instead of veggie).
    – I added jasmine rice (maybe 3/4 of a cup).
    – Finally, I added the veggies back. I let it all simmer and added some salt, pepper, and another teaspoon of cumin for taste.

    Topped it off with lime juice and parsley. I would try peanuts or toasted coconut as well. would make again 🙂

  • I made the black eyed pea variation and it was delicious. Only took a few minutes to put together. I’m not giving 4 stars because it was too spicy for my daughter, but I plan to have it for lunch tomorrow.

  • Packed with flavor and simple to make.

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