All-American Apple Pies

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This one goes out to all the fall lovers who get more excited for in-season apples than the ever-popular pumpkin. Because really, what could be more fall fabulous than an apple pie that’s baked right inside an apple? It brings together the best of fall desserts—warm, cozy baked stuffed apples plus classic pie-in one portion-controlled treat. So skip the hassle of making a full pie crust (and skip all the extra carbs too) and go for this Instagram-worthy cute dessert instead.

Creative Pie Crust Ideas

Here’s where you add your own twist. You can weave a lattice crust or place the whole circle on top, crimping edges and cutting vents. Play with the shape and design. Have fun with it!

Lattice Crust

Create a lattice top like the one pictured above by cutting dough circles into ¼-inch-thick strips. Lay half the strips over the filling about ⅛ inch apart. Fold alternating strips back halfway. Place a strip in the center across the strips already in place. Unfold the folded strips. Place another strip across the first set of strips parallel to the strip in the center. Repeat until covered.

Crimped Crust

To crimp edges, such as the middle pie pictured above, place an index finger underneath the outside edge of the dough circle and gently fold and press the dough upward to create half-moon shapes. Cut slits on top before baking.

Shape Play

You can use just about any cookie cutter to create fun pie crust shapes, as long as it’s about 3½ inches in diameter. We love the shape a scalloped cookie cutter creates, like the pie on the far right pictured above, but get creative with other cutters like leaves, hearts and more! Cut slits on top before baking.

Bonus: Tiny Trimmings

You will probably have some dough scraps left over with this recipe.They’re great for experimenting! Use a very small cookie cutter to create shapes. Adhere shapes to pie crust with a dab of water. Cut slits in the dough before baking.

Why vent? Cutting slits in the top of a pie crust allows steam to escape so the filling does not bubble out or overflow.

Additional reporting by Caitlyn Diimig, RD

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