Angel Hair Pasta with Broccoli and Herb Butter

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How would you rate Angel Hair Pasta with Broccoli and Herb Butter?

  • I thought this was a dud! Will not make again!

  • super easy, super tasty and a great foundation for all kinds of modifications.
    A snap to put together any day of the week.
    I used 1/3 c olive oil instead of the butter and whatever pasta I had in my pantry.
    We all loved it. I think it could use an extra kick from red pepper flakes. Next time I may try adding some sun dried tomatoes, fresh cherry tomatoes, corn, cranberries, walnuts or a combination of the above.
    Will definitively do it again.

  • My 17 year old daughter made this for supper one night and it was a hit! Her sister even loved it and she usually hates broccoli. She served it along with chicken drumsticks and used olive oil instead of butter, we try to eat more healthy in our house. It will be a definitive hit in our house for sure!
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  • super easy, fast and good. Kids favourite (with peas & corn, minus broccoli). If I were to do it again, I would add some baby arugala.

  • This was easy and tasty! Although I did decrease the butter, doubled the garlic and herbs and added some turkey meat (my husband doesn’t usually respond well to pure vege meals). It will be one of our usual pastas!

  • I added more garlic and red pepper flakes; and cut down the butter by half. Still, a very good recipe. It obviously has good bones, as seen by the many people who added other things, but I like the simplicity and ease of this as written.

  • Fresh and delicious, quick and easy. What could be better?

  • Great, easy dinner recipe. I added cannelini beans
    for protein. Definitely a keeper.

  • Four stars for a quick, satisfying flavorful meal. I used 4 cloves of garlic, generous ground pepper, and fresh thyme rather than basil and parsley, and it came out beautifully. Great little meal between studying for exams!

  • two cloves of garlic is for sissies. If you’re going to stay at home, might as well throw in three or four, since the garlic seemed rather light for that quantity of pasta. A “ton” of salt is not necessary with the simple addition of our kindly friend, fresh lemon (juice). I boiled the broccoli before the pasta and removed with slotted spoon, then added pasta to the brocoli water separately so the broccoli could be drained more easily. Nothing goes better with garlic and basil than olive oil. Opting for healthier fats, I decreased the butter and added more olive oil.
    Extra points to this recipe for the EASE in making it., as well as helping us incorporate brocoli: “the king of vegetables” (for its vitamins) into our diet.

  • We quite enjoyed this. I made it as written. It’s nothing fancy but it sure tastes good. I wouldn’t change it, and I’ll make it again.

  • I used whole wheat pasta, and found it a bit dry, but that’s a common problem. I also doubled the basil, parsley, and garlic. Overall, quick & easy & delicious!

  • Satisfying dish. I
    only had dried basil
    and parsley so I
    used that. Love
    garlic, so doubled
    it. Halved the
    butter since a stick
    seemed excessive.
    You’ll definitely
    need to season it
    with lots of salt. I
    mixed in shredded
    parmesan cheese so
    that helped. Like I
    said, a satisfying
    dish, and it was
    easy, so I might
    make it again for a
    night in. I wouldn’t
    make it for company

  • Perfect just the way it’s written. Used ghee to save on fat. TWIMC “definite” has no “A” and tomato has no “E”, unless you’re Dan Quail.

  • Very good. Light, fresh and nice blend
    of flavors. I made this as a side with
    grilled salmon as the main course. I
    arranged the angel hair on the serving
    platter and place the salmon on top of
    the pasta. Very nice and will make

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