Apple crumble porridge

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  • 2/3 cup (60g) traditional rolled oats

  • 6 (50g) dried apple slices, chopped

  • 2/3 cup (160ml) skim milk

  • 2 tbsn Weight Watchers Apricot Fruit Spread

  • 40g Weight Watchers Apple Crumble Bar, chopped

1. Place rolled oats and apple in a small saucepan. Add milk and 2/3 cup (160ml) water and bring to the boil over medium-high heat. Reduce heat to low and simmer, stirring, for three to four minutes or until cooked and thickened.

2. Combine Weight Watchers Apricot Fruit Spread and one tablespoon boiling water in a small heatproof bowl. Serve porridge topped with fruit spread and chopped Weight Watchers Apple Crumble Bar.

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