Cornmeal Pancakes with Honey-Pecan Butter

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  • I didn’t make the butter, only the pancakes, but they were terrific. For me, this is exactly how I want my cornmeal pancakes to taste. My 10 year old daughter was skeptical when I said I was making them, but then she loved them. I used plain old Quaker cornmeal, low-fat sour cream, and 2% milk, and they came out great. Definitely will make again.

  • Unbelievably good! This recipe is a keeper! Really love the nut butter and I could eat a thousand of these pancakes.

  • these have become a family favorite and make a regular appearance in my kitchen every other weekend. love them!

  • I’ve made the pancakes twice (without the butter – I serve them with blueberry butter). They’re light, moist and fluffy. I subbed yogurt for sour cream, but otherwise made as described.

  • GREAT PANCAKES, no changes to the recipe what so ever.

  • Really, the pecans make this recipe. The pancakes are light and fluffy with a nice texture added by the cornmeal. (I substituted low-fat yogurt for sour cream and used 1% milk and they turned out fine.) I’d add more salt to the batter next time, though.
    Since making the pecans is extra work, next time I would apply the honey and cinnamon directly to the pancake and then sprinkle the toasted pecans over the top.

  • so so good. I made this for breakfast this morning. I could have eaten the honey pecan butter all by itself it was so good. Will make this again but not on a regular basis. It is quite fatteniing!

  • Having never made pancakes before, I
    set out to learn how to make this tasty breakfast food a couple of weeks ago. Just this morning I made these for the first time, and they were everything I was looking for in a pancake! I had been looking all over for the right recipe,and in my search I made two of the pancake recipes from Cook’s Illustrated, which is normally my go to place for
    dishes I’ve never tried before, and I’m sorry to say it, but this version blows them out of the
    It is light and fluffy where
    other versions I tried were denser
    with more chew, and it has just enough cornmeal to give a crunch to the texture, but not so much that it turns cornbready as I found so often in my testing.
    I made warm bourbon maple syrup,and after I poured them into the pan, I alternately pushed pecans and blueberries into the tops before flipping.
    Raves from my guests, and a permanent place in my recipe book.

  • I have made these several times, the
    last time without the sour cream and
    they came out just as well. I have also
    made half batches without a problem.

  • Great pancakes. I didn’t make the pecan butter topping – just the pancakes, but they were lite and delish! The cornmeal is subtle, but just perfect. Great with blueberries.

  • Made these for Father’s Day – used 1/2 cup whole wheat and 1/2 c. white, and the 2 tbp with rye flour. Did not have fine cornmeal – the medium grind worked well here. Used whole milk yogurt instead of sour cream.
    The pancakes are a ‘perfect’ consistency, the best I have made! Made a quick fruit sauce with an assortment of frozen fruit (rhubarb, straw., rasp., mango), oj and sugar instead of the butter.

  • Loved these pancakes…didn’t attempt the butter due to time. I used non-fat plain yogurt (I don’t use sour cream in anything anymore) and 1% milk and they still turned out great. My husband loved them, too. Definitely a good pancake alternative.

  • Made these without the pecan butter and they were delicious. I threw in some fresh blueberries at the end- I agree with others, these were light and fluffy and the cornmeal lent the batter a lovely golden color. Easy to make- will definitely do again.

  • Very light and fluffy. I used whole milk yogurt instead of the sour cream, and added a little whole wheat flour instead of just all-purpose. It had a delightful graininess.

  • I made these pancakes today for Easter breakfast. They are the best pancakes I have ever made!
    I really enjoyed the texture added by the cornmeal and how light and fluffy they were.
    I only had 1/2 cup of sour cream so I used 1/4 cup of vanilla yogurt. I think I will make the vanilla yogurt a permanent addition.
    I did find that they took a little long to cook on the first side so I would make smaller pancakes next time so I can flip them more easily before they get too brown.
    I didn’t have any european style butter so I added some “fleur de sel” to unsalted butter. YUMMY!

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