Janssonin Kiusaus – Four Ingredient Finnish Potato Bake

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Janssonin Kiusaus - Four Ingredient Finnish Potato Bake

  • Serves
    6-8 as a side
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Potatoes are a staple in the Finnish diet. As a kid, we ate potatoes with most of our meals – boiled, baked, fried, every which way. During my mum’s childhood days in Finland they ate seasonably, so root vegetables made up a bulk of their diet during the long cold winters.

This dish is a particular favourite with the addition of anchovies and cream, ending with a crispy top and salted centre. No need to season. Frequently seen on the Christmas dinner table, this delightfully easy but delicious dish has been a family favourite for generations.

—Peggy Saas


  • 5


  • 1


  • 12-15

    anchovy fillets

  • 400 milliliters


  1. Peel and thinly slice potatoes. Or you can Julienne them. Halve and finely slice onion.
  2. Layer the lot in a baking dish, starting with a layer of potato, then onion, then anchovy and repeat ending with potato on top. Pour cream over the top.
  3. Bake at 200C for about an hour or until crisp and browned on top. EAT!

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