Lamb Tagine with Prunes

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A tagine is both a dish and the food that is cooked in it. Tagines are popular across North Africa and Martha based this easy lamb tagine with butternut squash on dishes served in Morocco. Her lamb tagine uses boneless lamb shoulder, cut into cubes, plus onion, garlic, and tomato paste. There’s no stock added as the lamb flavors the cooking liquid. Cinnamon is the only spice, bringing its sweet, fragrant aroma and flavor to this meaty dish.

The tagine is transferred to the oven to cook. Cubes of butternut squash are added when the meat is almost tender, and pitted prunes stirred in right before serving. The combination of sweet spices and dried fruits with lamb is just one of the delicious aspects of tagine cooking. Martha serves the tagine with steamed couscous.

Bryan Gardner

If you don’t have a tagine to cook the dish in, use a Dutch oven.

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