Comfort Zone Electric Quartz Radiant Tower Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat, Overheat Protection, Energy Efficient, & Tip-Over Switch, Ideal for Home, Bedroom, & Office, 1,500W, CZQTV008EBK
  • February 10, 2024 9:17 pm
  • USA, Russia, EUROPE, Australia, ASIA, AFRICA

Price: $51.43
(as of Feb 10, 2024 21:17:39 UTC – Details)

Add warmth to a cold room with Comfort Zone’s Energy Save Quartz Radiant Heater that features 3 horizontal radiant quartz tubes and an adjustable electronic thermostat to comfortably heat medium-sized rooms. Perfect for your home, office or studio, this energy-efficient electric heater features Energy Save Technology to help you minimize the power consumption by 30 percent, and reduce the electricity costs. A smart space-saving solution, this heater is fan-forced to disperse heat evenly all across the room. It is designed with safety overheat protection sensor that turns off the heater if it reaches dangerously high temperatures and a safety tip-over switch to ensure safe and easy operation. Equipped with a stay-cool body and a molded handle, the quartz radiant heater allows for easy transportation without the risk of burning your hand. Compliant and tested as per set safety standards, the Comfort Zone heaters are ETL-approved to create a safe, comfortable and warm living environment.
☀️EFFICIENT QUARTZ RADIANT HEATING: Transform chilly or draughty spaces into cozy havens with the Comfort Zone Energy-Saving Radiant Quartz Heater. Utilizing the power of three horizontal radiant quartz tubes & a fan-forced system, this heater efficiently distributes warmth, ensuring even heat dispersion throughout the room. Experience the embrace of powerful radiant heat, carefully designed to banish cold spots & provide consistent comfort. As the unit gently circulates warm air, you can savor the assurance of a toasty, inviting atmosphere.
☀️ENERGY-EFFICIENCY UNLEASHED: Our heater is a beacon of innovation, offering not one, but two heat settings, and an energy-saving mode that trims the appliance’s power consumption by a remarkable 30 percent. This translates to more than just cost savings; it’s about combining superior heating performance with sustainability. The energy-saving mode gracefully adjusts its operation to maintain optimal warmth while reducing your power bills. Embrace a win-win solution where you can relish top-tier heating without the soaring energy costs.
☀️SAFETY FIRST HEATING: Trust in the ETL approved design of our heater for your safety. It’s equipped with a robust safety suite, starting with an overheat protection system. This system acts as a vigilant guardian, ensuring the heater never reaches hazardous temperature levels. It’s your assurance against any overheating mishaps. Additionally, we’ve incorporated a savvy safety tip-over switch. This intelligent feature acts swiftly if your heater is accidentally knocked over, instantly cutting off power.
☀️EFFORTLESS MOBILITY, ENHANCED SAFETY: This quartz radiant heater brings convenience and safety together. The heater’s heat-resistant metal exterior housing isn’t just about durability; it’s also designed with your well-being in mind. Even as it generates comforting warmth, the exterior remains touchable, ensuring your safety. To make transportation a breeze, we’ve integrated a comfortable molded handle. Not only does it stay cool, but it’s also designed with ergonomics in mind, preventing discomfort during use.
☀️OPTIMIZED FOR MEDIUM-SIZED SPACES: Our quartz heater is tailor-made for your comfort in medium-sized rooms and office spaces. Equipped with an adjustable electronic thermostat, it ensures that you have complete control over the warmth in your immediate surroundings. The top-mounted control knobs are a testament to our commitment to user-friendly design. These controls allow you to adjust the thermostat and heat settings swiftly and with pinpoint precision.



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