Mechanical oil-filled electric radiator space heater, black
  • February 11, 2024 9:22 pm
  • USA, Russia, EUROPE, Australia, ASIA, AFRICA

Price: $48.97
(as of Feb 11, 2024 21:22:05 UTC – Details)

Mechanical oil-filled electric radiator space heaters keep you warm when the temperatures drop. It comes with four casters for easy mobility, so you can move the heater from room to room. This heater is easy to use and features two control knobs – one for the thermostat and another for the heat settings. With three heat settings (600, 900 and 1500 watts) you can maintain the perfect level of warmth. Indoor space heaters provide you with comfortable whole-room heating without fan noise. It’s the perfect heater for everyday use when you’re working from home, practicing morning yoga, or relaxing in your living room. With safety features like auto-shutoff and tip-over protection, you can rest easy and stay warm. Heat your home with a mechanical oil-filled electric radiator space heater.
Mechanical oil-filled electric radiator space heater, black
3 heat settings 600W/900W/1500W
Features 2 knobs for easy use
1 knob controls the temperature, the other controls the heat setting
Automatic closing and safe tip-over protection
Designed so you can move from room to room with ease
Power Indicator
Quiet radiant heat throughout the room
Provides whole-room warmth without the hum of a fan
4 casters for easy mobility



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