Pistachio Nut brittle

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Nut brittle is one of those delicious old standbys at Christmas, but this recipe takes the familiar and gives it a tweak. First, it uses pistachios. The translucent amber of the caramelized sugar is studded with vibrant green nuts, which show reddish skin.

And if your kitchen is equipped with silicone baking mats — those handy, rubbery sheets that line baking sheets so well — use them to finesse your brittle. (One popular brand is Silpat.) You’ll wind up with a perfectly flat, smooth sheet of candy, wonderful for breaking into jagged-edged pieces.

The key to great brittle is to cook the sugar carefully to keep it smooth without any crystallization and then to press it flat. This brittle keeps for weeks as long as it is kept cool and dry.

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