Engel 13qt Live Bait Cooler Box with 2nd Gen 2-Speed Portable Aerator Pump. Fishing Bait Station and Minnow Bucket for Shrimp, Minnows, and Other Live Bait – ENGLBC13-N
  • November 29, 2023 8:30 am
  • USA, Russia, EUROPE, Australia, ASIA, AFRICA

Price: $104.99
(as of Nov 29, 2023 08:30:38 UTC – Details)

How could we improve upon a wildly popular industry standard? Well, we listened to our customer’s feedback and implemented two important changes. First, we replaced the standard “hang tray” With an all-new pull net. This new feature makes fetching your bait and changing water A breeze. And it’s designed to withstand wear and corrosion. Second, we moved the air tube port from the edge of the sidewall up into the lid. This should allow you to fill/use more of the box capacity, while also cutting down on the small overflow splashes that result from allowing the cooler to vent around the air tube. Our powerful 2-speed 2×2 Air pump keeps the water fully aerated, while the insulated cooler shields expensive bait from the elements. Plug into your car or boat’s cigarette lighter using 12V adapter to run the pump overnight and keep bait fresh for the next morning, or use our optional match adapter which can be purchased separately to run off 110AC (match adapter not included).
ENGEL HIGH-PERFORMANCE INSULATION: Features high-grade molded polystyrene foam insulation with hard plastic outer shell heat barrier; Perfect for keeping you bait cool and alive for longer
AIR TIGHT AND LEAK PROOF: Engel’s recessed ethylene-vinyl acetate gasket seal ensures that this cooler does not leak, which the inlet hose allows for excess gasses to be expelled from the bait box. This prevents a spill in your vehicle while transporting the live bait.
INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Includes a removable easy-pull net for fast access to your bait; The 2nd Generation battery operated pump allows for ample aeration and can easily be upgraded to the 3rd generation Lithium-Ion aerator (ENG-AP3). Our bait cooler also ships with a heavy duty shoulder strap for easy carrying and some models include 4 pre-installed rod holders.
DURABILITY AND USABILITY: Cooler features a hardbody shell with stainless steel hardware, that is almost indestructible. Engel’s rugged Live Bait Coolers can double as a Dry Box and regular Cooler and are built to last in the harshest conditions. EASY TO CLEAN: A simple cleaning with soapy water is all it takes to keep the Engel cooler looking like new.



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