Moroccan Lamb with Garbanzo Bean Mash

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  • If you’re going to be serving lamb fans, this is a totally new and delicious approach. Lively flavors… and the bean mash is truly unique. Two thumbs up!

  • This was very tasty. I also cooked the onions and garlic first: after the lamb was browned I removed the lamb and deglazed the pan with a bit of marinade while the onions and garlic were still in the pan. Then I removed the vegetables to the Cuisinart and added the chick peas, which had been simmered. This gave the mash some of the flavor of the marinade. I put the lamb back in the skillet with the marinade and proceeded with the recipe. It was not a “pretty” dish”, but the flavors were good.

  • Picked up a “lamb shank” at the market that was marked down to half price. It was actually a 2.2 lb leg of lamb. I boned and butterflied it for this recipe and it was perfect. Followed the recipe although I took some tips from previous reviewers. I used a food processor to puree the beans and added three chopped uncooked garlic cloves to the puree. I also reduced the marinade in the pan to thicken a little for topping the lamb on the puree.
    The recipe had very good flavors.
    The next time I make this I would do the onions and garlic in the pan first and add the marinated meat. I would also attempt to remove as much marinade as possible for the browing process and turn up the heat, while I continued to move the garlic and onions around within the pan. I did cook in the oven for 15 minutes, but would set timer for 10 minutes next time and check temperature. Mine was not as rare as the picture, which I would have preferred. Recipe is much better than some of the reviews indicated.

  • The lamb was a little bland and took a
    while longer to get to rare than
    stated. I added chopped carrots to the
    onion mix and glad I did. It gives the
    mashed chickpeas a great flavor. I
    would make the chickpeas again…the
    lamb needs a little something more.

  • The lamb didn’t really
    impress me (made some
    minor mods in the
    execution, but don’t
    think that was the
    problem). The mash was
    an interesting change,
    though. However, I did
    halve the amount of
    onions and garlic, as
    I didn’t want my
    breath to be quite
    that lethal.

  • This was a fun recipe
    to make, with amazing
    aromas throughout
    preparation. I
    marinated the lamb for
    five hours – two at
    room temp, and the
    flavors and spices
    were perfect. The
    garbanzo mash,
    however, lacked
    pizzazz, despite
    incorporating the
    onions, garlic and
    juices from the lamb
    pan. The texture
    wasn’t fabulous with
    the perfectly cooked
    meat (i cooked it
    rare)and if I made it
    again, I’d puree the
    chickpeas to a silkier
    texture with more
    olive oil, garlic,
    salt and lemon. The
    cilantro was perfect
    in the dish. My guests
    loved the meal, which
    included roasted beets
    with cumin and mint.

  • I was really, really unimpressed with these two recipes. Mediocre results for a fair amount of work. The marinade for the lamb smelled AMAZING, but ended up rather tasteless. The mash was just okay. I won’t make this again.

  • We found the marinade
    be good, but very
    citrusy. It
    did give the meat an
    interesting flavor, as well
    keeping it moist. Will try
    to make the garbanzos
    next time.

  • My bf and I were
    pretty excited as I
    was preparing this
    for dinner tonight –
    the marinade was
    wonderfully fragrant
    and smelled as
    though it would
    pefectly compliment
    the lamb. To our
    though it looked and
    smelled fantastic,
    it was definitely
    missing something.
    The mash had a great
    flavor – hard to go
    wrong with a starch
    side cooked chicken
    broth, onions, &
    garlic, at least
    flavor-wise – but
    it, too, was not up
    to the high
    standards of the
    other recipes I’ve
    tried from this
    site. We both found
    the texture to be
    too mealy/grainy.
    *shrug* We chucked
    the rest of the
    mash, but I’m hoping
    some tzadziki sauce
    will liven up the
    leftover lamb on
    pita sandwiches.

  • This was very good
    and very interesting
    if you’re looking to
    get out of a food
    rut. But I just felt
    it was missing
    something, even
    though my husband
    loved it. I might
    try it asgain on the

  • This has an excellent
    flavor. Also, given
    that all the prep work
    is in the marinade and
    the garbanzos take
    very little work, this
    is a dish that you can
    finish without stress
    when company arrives.

  • This was excellent.
    I had made it
    thinking the chick
    pea mash would be a
    good healthy potato
    alternative, but I
    found it even more
    delicious than
    potatoes, which I
    love. The lamb was
    also very tasty.

  • I had trouble finding
    the right size piece
    of lamb, and next time
    I might use boneless
    Saratoga chops since
    there are only two of
    us. I’m not a fan of
    garbanzos, but this
    was great and I
    happened to have some
    chicken olive broth
    from another recipie
    so I used that in
    place of the chicken
    broth. Truly wonderful.

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